Text Book of Concrete Technology


It gives us immense pleasure in presenting this “Text Book Concrete Technology” to the readers intended to serve the student community at a large and also the practicing engineers. This book will also be memorable as substantial part of it was written in difficult COVID times, though, initial planning and preparation was going on for the last two years. The additional flavour of advanced topics on sustainability, durability, rheology of concrete, advanced destructive and non-destructive testing of concrete, repairs, performance based specifications makes it more readable and serves as a basic guide to the post graduate students, researchers and practising by inciting their thirst for learning more about the advanced topic by searching the references and cross-references.


Concrete as we all know, is the most widely used commodity only next to the water. It impacts the environment and the human life as well in all aspects. Production of cement requires consumption of valuable natural resources which are mostly non-renewable in nature. Production of cement releases almost equivalent amount of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere causing the air pollution and affecting human lives. Road transportation of cement also contributes to the pollution. While producing concrete, again the valuable, non-renewable resources like sand and coarse aggregates derived from basaltic or granitic rock are used, along with potable water. Due to rapid industrialization and developmental activities in the country, development of infrastructural facilities is required at the same pace, which involves again the production of more and more concrete. This will again contribute to the carbon footprints. Considering all these facts, one need not look towards concrete with negativity as it can contribute to the carbon footprints, but explore the ways of making it more environment-friendly, sustainable and durable as well.


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